Monthly Goals For June

It’s June!

May was a hard month for me, it is a month that has represented loss and pain for the last couple of years and I wish I could say that I handled it like a boss! But…It was tough. I did learn one important thing during this very challenging and crippling month, and that is, I need to lean on God so much more than I am, and to continue to build my relationship with him so that he can be my strength when mine fails me.

That brings me to my June Goals.


June Goals

Consistency is key!

Even though I have noticed significant differences in my physical appearance, I feel the mental and emotional transformation so much more, simply by being consistence on my new journey. I am going to the gym consistently at least 4 to 5 times a week. I am eating a lot better (although this area needs more work than the other) and I feel so much better mentally, and emotionally.

I am proud of myself, and it has inspired me to write down my goals more consistently in order to keep track of them and to work on them. I am a visual gal, putting pen to paper, and consistently visualizing my goals, seeing them written down is a powerful reminder and tool for me.

What are some of the ways that you keep track of your goals?


  • Move

We have been planning a move to a better school district for the kids but finding the right home in the right place has been tough!

  • Think of Them More than Myself

I have been working on overall improvements to myself, more so internal than external. My husband has said that if we spend more time in marriages thinking about the other person and what makes them happy, we would have less divorces. I want to spend more time this month reflecting on what makes my children and husband happy more so than myself. Work on qualities within myself that make things more challenging in my marriage and for my children in order to offer them the best of myself.

I know that this will be the most challenging item on my goal list, but it is also the most important to me. I plan on spending a lot of time in prayer in order to offer the best of me.


  • Read Isaiah

Actions speak larger than words and I have consistently said to myself, if I can be consistent in the gym, I can be consistent in my prayer life and in the reading of the word. Nothing should be more important than that to me. So I picked a book and I will tackle it and share with your weekly on the blog and daily on social media.

Have you read the book of Isaiah? What is your favorite verse or chapter?

So far for me, Isaiah 1:18-20 takes the cake. It is a reminder that even when God is angry with us and fed up, his grace overwhelms his frustration. He gives us an out and and opportunity to get ourselves together and extends his arm to say even though you drive me crazy I want you to get it together and run back into my embrace.

Monthly Goals For June.png


  • Meal Plan:

Prepare all of my meals for the week ahead of time.

  • Increase HIIT Days

Cardio is hard! But I find that HIIT is something I can get through. Increase my HIIT days from 2 to 3 days a week.


It will be a busy month on the blog after a slower month in May. I am excited to tackle goals in the areas I am so passionate about.

  • Post 3 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • Launch business site and podcast.

  • Complete July prompts.

Do you have something that you are excited to get done this month? Share with me below and please do not forget to share, share, share and subscribe below!