Fitness Goals: How to Stay Motivated

Happy Monday!

Mondays can be so hectic for me but today is just that much more. I have a flat tire and do not even know how it happened, my second one in about 2 months. Which means that I have to spend this early part of my morning waiting for the tow and and sitting in the tire shop.

Fitness Goals_ How to Stay Motivated.png

During my morning social media check, i noticed a question in one of my favorite groups. Can you help me get motivated with Fitness? It completely changed my plan for the my Monday post because it got me thinking. How on earth do I stay motivated? It is such a popular question. I have started and failed a few times, some due to injury, some due to lack of motivation, and yet this time something has changed. I have been on a roll and I know that I do not plan on stopping. I know that somehow this time, it is a lifestyle change for me, not a diet.

Why is that?

I have changed a few things with the way i approach my fitness and wellness routine, and most importantly, I have changed my mindset.

Setting Goals

I have set goals. One large goal and micro goals that I follow through with throughout the week and then the month. Interested in my goals for the month of June? Check them out.

Whether your goals are simply to eat better, adopt more of an active lifestyle, or to lose or gain weight, change takes time. It will take time for you to lose bad habits that you have spent a whole lifetime developing. In other words, you will make mistakes, so set small goals and celebrate these goals over time.

I celebrate every small change, I share my small success with my husband, my kids, my circle. It makes a difference because I have something to work towards and that helps me. My goal this month was to incorporate more cardio into my routine. I incorporated different forms of cardio this previous week to see what I enjoy more. Turns out HIIT Cardio is my favorite, I can do HIIT Cardio with or without equipment and that is great for me because there are days I do not want to get any where near a cardio machine. HIIT allows me to work hard in bursts with breaks in between if I need it. I recently posted a tough workout I completed on Instagram.

Ignore the Scale

The scale drives me crazy, it’s just not for me!

I weight myself once a month if that, and focus on eating healthier and staying active every other time. I find that I notice changes more with measurements than the scale. Although I started measuring myself weekly, I have even toned that down to maybe once a month as well.

Obsessing over the scale can discourage you if you do not understand that your numbers will fluctuate often, especially early on. I love weight training which means that I have been building muscle, which weighs more, which means that my numbers can go up, it does not however, mean that I am not losing fat. On the contrary, it helps to burn fat over time.

I have started and quit a few times because of my previous obsession with the scale. I ignore it now and step on, on the rare occasion that it comes to my mind.

Understand, Very Quickly, No One Else Can Motivate You

This change, this very personal change, is one that you have to come to terms with for yourself. You cannot do it for anyone else, you cannot do it with anyone else, it has to be your journey, your choice.

I love instagram for fitness videos, and there are a lot of people I follow. who inspire me. But they cannot motivate me to change my lifestyle.


Motivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

You have to be the reason you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, because you have to be the one who chooses to buy fresh ingredients, you have to be the one who cooks the food that you will eat, and you have to be the one who gets up and goes for a walk, a run, or to the gym. You have to want those thing for yourself, no one else can make you want to create a stronger, healthier, version of yourself.

Wish it was that easy, but trust me, it is not!

Change Your Mindset

It is not about getting thinner or bigger, it is about getting healthier. At least that has been the case for me. Understanding the importance of loving me enough to want to take care of my body and my mind has allowed me to approach fitness as a lifestyle. Obsessing over looking a certain way leads to unhealthy choices and mental anguish.

Adopt a healthier mindset with your own body, health, and mind, and everything else will fall into place.

What are some of the ways that you motivate yourself everyday? Whether that is your business, health, fitness, etc